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We are a proud service site for FoodCorps , an AmeriCorps program connecting kids to healthy food in schools.  Our FoodCorps service member pursues direct impact by focusing on hands-on lessons, healthy school meals, and a school-wide culture of health.  



Hands-on lessons

Our FoodCorps service member serves in-depth at MacQuiddy Elementary, teaching garden and nutrition education.  We have partnered with Life Lab to offer NGSS-aligned lessons in both the classrooms and garden, discussing topics such as eating the rainbow and the importance of eating locally.  


Healthy School Meals

As many students receive a bulk of their nutrition throughout the school day, our department strives to provide quality meals to best support our students’ health, well-being, and ability to learn.  Our service members have supported us in this process by strengthening our farm-to-school programs with Harvest of the Month and California Thursdays, steering students toward healthy options in our cafeterias, and piloting a salad bar program for elementary schools within the district.  


School-wide Culture of Health

Through district-wide taste testing, garden celebrations, and cafeteria remodels with Smarter Lunchrooms, FoodCorps creates space for the whole school community to celebrate eating healthfully.  

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Abby Hauth is joining us for the ‘18-’19 school year and will be serving at MacQuiddy Elementary. Abby is a native Oregonian and just graduated from the University of Oregon where she studied Public Policy and Nonprofit Management with an emphasis in Food Studies. She is excited to spend the upcoming school year working in school gardens and sharing her passion for cooking healthy, simple meals. In her free time she loves exploring her new home by biking around and going on hikes. She also likes to travel and try new foods from different cultures.

Becca McKnight joined our team at Food & Nutrition Services for the ‘17-’18 school year.  She moved to California to study holistic nutrition and has since fallen in love with its biodiversity, redwoods, and sense of community.  This year, she’s felt most grateful for the heart-warming experiences of watching students eat their first bites of garden-grown vegetables with looks of such joy and pride, and for the opportunity to learn from such an incredible group of inspiring school food leaders.  She will be serving her second year of FoodCorps with Oakland Unified to continue to work toward a more just food system while supporting the next generation of lifelong healthy-eaters.


Picture1.png Brianna Egan, ‘16-’17, served at both Watsonville High and E.A. Hall Middle School, where she implemented student-voted cafeteria redesigns with Smarter Lunchrooms.  Brianna is a recent graduate from UC San Diego where she studied Human Biology and Global Health. She enjoys strength training, cooking plant-based meals, and reading long-form journalism articles. In the future, Brianna hopes to attend medical school and serve her community.